Any royal’s life has always been a fascinating topic of discussion. Amongst these royals, the most discussed, loved and incredibly still present is the British Monarchy. Netflix in 2016 decided to take the fascinating and eventful life of The Crown and turn it into a series. The first season was an outright hit. The acting, the music and the penned story, everything was in the right proportion. This year the second season has been an equally fantastic continuation of the series. In this The Crown Season 2 Review, hopefully, there will be no spoilers.

People were expecting to see the scandalous life of the royals and Britain’s privileged. Instead, they got to see the struggles and issues of the ruling elite of the nation and how did things and events unfold. Claire Foy has marvelously played the role of Queen Elizabeth II. Her acting and her expressions have improved many folds in this new season.

The most interesting character apart from Duke of Edinburgh played by Matt Smith, was the role of Princess Margaret, which was excellently and elegantly played by Vanessa Kirby. She successfully captured and portrayed, the very essence of the most difficult role of the princess in the monarchy. Interestingly, in the next season of The Crown, Netflix is bringing in Helena Bonham Carter a marvelous actress herself to replace Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret. Not only Vanessa Kirby but almost whole of the cast of The Crown is getting renewed for the next season, Queen included.

Coming back to The Crown Season 2 Review, the creator, and writer Peter Morgan has been successful in captivating the viewer with his excellent attention to the detail. The Kennedy’s visit, Charles’s school life, Ghana’s visit, Profumo affair all this has been masterfully written and directed. Though all these events have already been recorded and evidenced by the media of that time, still trying to stay as much true to the story as it can be, was the most difficult part which was quite elegantly done.

With that said, nothing can be clearer and be understanding then watching the season first hand. So those who have not watched it yet do find time to watch this interesting and captivating season 2 of The Crown

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