Well, this is just a theory, so take this lightly but it definitely seems to connect. Very recently a Reddit user “DoktahManhattan” posted something, which seems to have caught everyone’s attention. He apparently posted an image which all of the Assassin’s Creed fans would be familiar to and suggested that the Next Assassin’s Creed, is set in Japan.

How he did that is a whole new question, we have seen these three symbols multiple times in various sequels of this game. Eye of Horus that relates to Egyptians, then the symbol of Omega which relates to the Greek alphabet but most of us missed out on the third symbol.

The third symbol seems very similar to the “torii gate”. Know what Torri gate is? Well, hold your horses because you just might find this interesting.

Torri is a traditional Japanese gate, which is commonly found at the entrance of Shinto shrine. Now recalling the history, Shinto shrine’s are found solely in Japan.

The purpose of Shinto shrine is to house “Kami”, now what is a kami? Well, Kami are the spirits or a type of Gods that are worshiped in the religion Shinto. The oldest known stone Torri is assumed to have been built somewhere between 7th To 12 Century.

So we got, Japanese Gods, area Japan, and time span somewhere between the 7th and 12th century, which this Torri symbol in the Assassin’s Creed, might represent.

Friends at Vandal and Gamerant as well as a whole lot of AC fans, also seem to relate to this theory, as well as some other things like the fact that at one point, Ubisoft did consider Japan to be a feasible option. Apart from all that there have been multiple references, for Japan as well, so it would not be wrong to assume that the Next Assassin’s Creed could possibly be set in Japan somewhere in the 12th century. Provided the third sign is actually the Japanese Torri sign.

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