For the general public, Sony has revealed it’s financial results for the first quarter of this fiscal year. These results are for the period ending 30, June 2018. As a true King Sony is still reigning steadily, with its PlayStation 4 Console sales reaching 82.2 million units at the end of this first quarter.

In this first quarter, 3.3 million units were shipped worldwide to retailers. Which, added to the results of the previous quarter of 79 million units, have led to this impressive overall total of 82.2 million units. As we are all very much aware of PlayStation 4 reaching its point of maturity in the product lifecycle. Overall units sold in the year has seen a slight drop in comparison to previous years. Still, these results are very immense and optimistic.

Moving forward towards overall revenue, this year, an increase has been seen, with 348.1 billion yen from last year to 472.1 billion yen at this quarter end. This 36% increase is credited to the immense sale of software. Most prominent is the sale of PlayStation 4 Console exclusive game God Of War. Which, from the point of its release has been ruling the charts like a god. Sony Corporation, along with this first-party title also credits its third-party titles for the increased revenue.

Talking about the gaming console which is in the second position, Microsoft’s Xbox One. Nothing about there financial details have been revealed. They have still kept these details secret. Predictions from different sources and analysis of the trends show that Xbox One has reached around 30 million units sales mark.

Recently Nintendo shared its overall sales figures for the Switch, for the quarter ended 30 June 2018. 19.67 million units have been sold worldwide, which is impressive. In this fiscal year ending March 2019, 1.88 million units have been sold and Nintendo is aiming to take this number to 20 million units this year. You can read more Nintendo related financial details here.

With all this said, both these leading consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are at the top of the maturity stage of the product lifecycle. Both the companies have said at multiple occasions that they are working on the next generation of there gaming consoles. There ideas and styles might be different but their aim is unified, that is providing entertainment.

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