Capcom’s Financial results for the three months ending 30th June 2018, of the fiscal year ending 31st March 2019, has been released for the general public. These promising results show a very prominent increase in the companies financial standings. Stating in the overview of the operating results, Capcom is very satisfied with the current position and are very hopeful for there upcoming releases, Resident Evil 2 And Devil May Cry 5.

In comparison to the previous fiscal year, there has been a 46.5% increase in the Net Sales of the company. This increase in sales is responsible for the 550.8% increase in the Operating Income of the company. Capcom’s future seems bright as their Net Income has seen a phenomenal 648.6% increase in comparison to the previous fiscal year.

During the three months ended June 30, 2018, our industry made rapid advancements in technology through such means as incorporating high-definition visuals as well as AI (Artificial Intelligent) into home video games. At the same time, our industry faced a wave of change, as evidenced by the inclusion of esports in the “Cool Japan Strategy,” the Japanese government’s growth strategy for the content industry.

Sales of Moster Hunter World, since its release in January of this year, has hit a “sensational” high for the company at 8.3 million units worldwide. Most importantly Capcom does not consider this it, they are hopeful and are expecting a much solid increase in their revenues with the release of there two new upcoming titles Resident Evil 2 And Devil May Cry 5.

In such an environment, the Company holds high expectations for the two major titles it will release next year, in Q4 of the current fiscal year: Resident Evil 2 (for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC), which was announced at E3 (one of the world’s largest trade shows for computer and video games held in Los Angeles, U.S.A.) and created a sensation among the show-goers, and Devil May Cry 5 (for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC), the series’ first mainline release in ten years, which also attracted strong interest. Furthermore, Monster Hunter: World (for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), which has been causing a sensation since its release in January 2018 due to its immense popularity, continued to report strong sales, while high-margin catalog unit sales also increased.

With that said, Monster Hunter World is going to be released on PC as well on August 9. Resident Evil 2 And Devil May Cry 5 both will be releasing in 2019.

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