Capcom’s upcoming action-adventure hack and slash game Devil May Cry 5 Engine, has been recently confirmed to be the same as that of Resident Evil 2 Remake. This bit of detail is actually part of the loop of information, that the company wants its fans all around the world to be in until the game eventually releases. Expectations from the game are through the roof. Fans around the world are getting restless for this long-awaited installment in the series.

The reason behind the use of this Devil May Cry 5 Engine is, to achieve the level of detail that actually makes this game one that can not be forgotten. The developers are trying to achieve photorealistic quality and keep a steady 60 FPS marker as well. The use of this Resident Evil 2 Remake engine and a new technique, has allowed the team to not only 3D scan the characters, but there specially crafted clothes as well directly into the game. This has helped them in getting every last bit of detail that they want, even a wrinkle in the fabric being embedded in the graphics of the game.

This is Nero’s specially crafted clothes that have been scanned into the game using this engine and the new technique.

For the purpose of scanning, multiple facilities around the world are being used. Much of this scanning work is being done overseas. Capcom’s own studio at Osaka is also currently occupied with work as well. Actors used in the game are mostly based around London, so for them, studio close to there locations is being used.

Furthermore, in this installment of the series, the game is going to be highly responsive to players input. Unlike the previous installments, animation frames in Devil May Cry 5 will not be missed but will be perfectly synchronized with the gameplay. This will perfectly align with the new technique of live action photography, which is being used.

With that said, Devil May Cry 5 is currently being organized for release in 2019, with an official date yet to be disclosed. The game will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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