German game development studio, Yager has officially announced on Friday their upcoming first-person shooting, alien, sci-fi, multiplayer New Game The Cycle. Yager is the development team behind 2012’s third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line.

In this New Game The Cycle, 20 players will compete with each other in a match of approximately 20 minutes. While in competition with one another, players will have to complete contracts or quests in an extremely beautiful alien world. If these quests are not completed on time, competitors will be stuck on the planet because of an active storm cycle which gives a very limited opportunity for the player to land and complete their missions.

Players will be provided with a multitude of weapons and gear types. All this equipment will be modifiable and players can also purchase and craft weapons while even in a match. Yager is promising players an experience that can not be forgotten. Check out The Cycle’s reveal trailer down below.

Yager explained, that the idea of this game was conceived internally, and they have been working on the game since the start of this year.  It is a multiplayer game and from the similar genre, but it is not a battle royale game, it has a twist.

We saw great promise in our prototype, which captured a blend of session-based FPS matches and quest objectives in an open world, a genre we have dubbed internally as a ‘Competitive Quester’. Following our prototype, we took what we learned and started full development on ‘The Cycle,’ with the goal of having closed test sessions as soon as we can. We believe that we are onto something special with ‘The Cycle,’ and that our experienced team can make our vision a reality.

With no release date officially announced yet, Yager has plans to release the game by the end of 2018. They also have plans for the closed alpha test in this month and are currently recruiting players through their official website. New Game The Cycle, is currently being planned to release on PCs only, with no information regarding any console release yet.

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