Everyone would agree, animation movies and series play a very strong part in the lives of those who have a really classy or in other words strong imagination. Disney Pixar and Studio Ghibli are the torch bearers in this epic field of entertainment that has a strong connection and a profound emotional value. More than a decade ago there was a show, which was so epic that it is still being aired and viewed by millions, kids and adults both. I am talking about Avatar The Last Airbender. A good news for the fans now is, that Netflix is about to release a new show created by Avatar The Last Airbender Team and it is called The Dragon Prince.

This Avatar The Last Airbender Team, has provided the animation fans all around the world a series that has given a lot to everyone. A show that has made millions of its fans begging for more. This show has not only given birth to a new league of designers, writers, and directors but has set a standard for every new person in the field, and has provided with a guidebook to follow.

This new series from Netflix, The Dragon Prince is from the writer of The Last Airbender Aaron Ehasz and director Giancarlo Volpe. Accompanying them in this adventure is the director of the PlayStation Exclusive game Uncharted’s director Justin Richmond.

A new trailer of the series has been revealed in the San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Showing three protagonists in the series. The story revolves around two princes who form a unique bond with an elfin assassin sent to kill them and then their journey to bring peace to there warring lands begin.

On the official twitter page of the series, introductions of the trio have been given along with there avatars. Also in this interesting trailer, we can see a glow toad which is named bait.

Netflix will be releasing whole of The Dragon Prince on September 14. What are your thoughts about it? let us know in the comments section.

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