In the search for what will impact the match most in Battlefield V, game developer EA DICE went on there official twitter account and published a very perspective rendering poll. This Battlefield V Poll carries four options and you would be surprised to learn, what in minds of players and fans impacts the match most.

The poll has four options provided. They consist of Ammo scarcity, redesigned gunplay building fortifications which is a new thing in this installment of the series, and Deeper squad play. Go ahead and check this poll out and also become a part of it.

According to the results until now, you can see below that Ammo scarcity is the point of concern for most of the players and fans attaining a 38% of the votes. On the second spot its Redesigned gunplay with 25% votes. Then its Deeper squad play and Building fortifications with 19% and 18% votes.

All the options present in this Battlefield V Poll will affect the game, as they are already integrated and will be seen by the players from the beginning. The Gunplay is one thing that has changed most in this Battlefield installment in comparison to its predecessors. Lots of new weapons have been introduced with different firing techniques, for example, the mounted guns and the new aircraft weapons.

With the inclusion of the Ammo shortage, the game has turned more technical. Players will now have to face more difficulty because they would have to use the carrying ammo more appropriately to survive. Players won’t find ammo as easily as they were able to in the previous installment.

The game will be releasing in October this year and the developers have plans to make all the major tweakings done before the final release. This Battlefield V Poll will help EA DICE find out. what players find most affecting while they play the match. This array of polls and tweakings will carry on until the final release and will make the game much much bigger and better.

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