There are no words that can explain how epic the God Of War has performed. It has fulfilled every player’s expectations and has been a step ahead in almost every aspect. Now there is a contender coming in the ring to challenge the reigning champion. Neil Druckmann from Naughty Dog has now declared, that The Last Of Us 2 NPC is going to be far more superior than that of the God Of War.

Like the first part of the game, The Last Of Us 2 protagonist will also be accompanied by an NPC. This was confirmed by the writer and Co-director of the game Neil Druckmann himself. Previously it was Ellie who was Joel’s NPC, this time it is unknown who will be Ellie’s NPC.

Neil Druckmann added by saying that they are friends with the people at Santa Monica Studio. They are taking this creation of a superior NPC as a friendly challenge and their friends at the Santa Monica knows this.

We are friends with those guys [Santa Monica Studio, ed .] And we gladly accept their friendly competitions, of any kind, and Cory Barlog can confirm this.

Further, Neil said about the development teams, that his team and the one at Santa Monica shares the same creative process, so as to create an NPC better than that of God Of War, will surely be a struggle for him and his team. If we look at Neil’s confidence he surely is trying hard to achieve his target.

With that said, we don’t know it yet how will The Last Of Us 2 NPC turn out, but the past and the present suggests that the future is going to be somewhat better than the later.

Lots of information about the game has already been rolled out and the process still continues, except for the release date. For which, people are desperately waiting.

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