Every day is a new day for the Cyberpunk 2077 fans, the reason being, lots of news and new details surface every day and is always different from the previous one. All us fans are going crazy, thinking that there is still a lot of time between us and the game’s release. In a recent interview with Mike Pondsmith, who is the creator of this futuristic game, referring directly to the fans Pondsmith said, fans would have to wait for some time because the game is not finished yet, perfection cannot be achieved in hasty work.

Mike also adds by saying that there are lots of things that have been done and still needs to be done in this game. Things that have never been done before. To achieve the required level and to come up to everyone’s expectations, CD Projekt Red needs time and wants everyone to please be patient.

His complete statement goes like this:

We have a terrible list of many things we want to put into the game, but it will all take a lot of time to do. And I hope the fans [have patience and] give us the time we need. The game we have now is extremely close to what I imagined alone in my room. I look at what was built and think: “My God, it’s perfect.” But this kind of perfection can only be achieved in time. Needs iteration. […] If we are going to do things that have never been done before – or were not done as we are doing – we need space, time and privacy to reflect on [the game]. If we are cooking a lot at the same time, we will not make a good dinner.

Regardless of the long wait until Cyberpunk 2077 officially rolls out, there are lots and lots of stuff to ponder and speculate over. An interesting part that makes this game more indulging, is the use of the first person in order to provide better immersion in the game as a whole.

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