In recent times, violence has become a major part of the stories of all the hit games that have been released. This violence is actually there to give a better understanding of the story, bring it closer to reality and to capture the audience. Violence In Last Of Us 2, shown initially in the games promotional footage, then in the gameplay footage, shown at the recently ended E3 2018, has made some of the game’s critics to criticise without even understanding the need of it, in depth. The writing team of the Last Of Us 2 has discussed the actual reasons, why and how the violence is used and shown in the game.

In this postapocalyptic game, the developers at Naughty Dog have said themselves that they are trying to “engage” the player, not only make this fun for them. They want the player to go with the narrative of the game. They want the player to go around the game in the protagonist’s shoes so that they feel how it will be like to actually be in a similar situation.

If we’re invested in the character … then we’re gonna go along on their journey with them and maybe even commit acts that make us uncomfortable across our moral lines.

Halley Gross co-writer of Last Of Us 2 said that the “game is really about the cyclical nature of violence” she further added saying:

Well, it’s this idea that, sort of, violence begets violence begets violence, and the sort of growing trauma that … creates for Ellie and on Ellie’s soul.

Neil Druckmann, the director of The Last of Us series explained about the Violence In Last Of Us 2 in an open way saying that “our aesthetic approach to violence is to make it as grounded and real as possible.” He further added by saying that we wanted the game to make you feel uneasy to move on but the captivating story will not let you leave until you are finished with it.

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