The Catcher Was A Spy 2018 Review will not consist of any major spoilers. It is always better to actually watch a movie and play a game rather reading about all its good bits in an article. Based on true events, this movie is a visit to the lighter pages from the dark book of history. Paul Rudd, who has now proved himself to be a real actor has played the role of a major league baseball player Morris Berg who is very intelligent and extremely talented.

Never judge the book by its cover, exactly in this way never judge a movie by its name. This simple name, at the back, carries a very interesting story from the past. With a huge star cast, The Catcher Was A Spy 2018 kicks off right from a very pivotal part in the movie. After this small intro, the actual journey of Morris Berg a.k.a Moe Berg begins. This journey is about his transition from a very confident, educated baseball player to an agent of O.S.S performing a duty for his nation.

The director of this movie, Ben Lewin has done a fine job, his understanding of the literature behind the movie was very thorough. The movie is based on a very accurate biography of Morris Berg by Nicholas Dawidoff and the script is excellently written by Robert Rodat. The movie has touched very accurate parts of Moe’s life which have helped in the understanding of his story.

It is never easy to act in a biopic. You are always stuck in this thought, am I doing justice with him and his story? how true I have acted and how clear I have been in portraying him? have I passed his intentions the way he wanted them to?

Paul Rudd has tried his best in this picture to come out with the perfect blend of emotions and actions and tried his best to justify the story of Moe Berg.

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