This year, E3 has brought out a new perspective to the gaming community. Some very interesting new games are to launch this year and next year, including one of the most awaited and speculated Anthem. Everyone in the gaming community is so much hyped up about it that the wait for the game’s release is becoming extremely unbearable. So much about the game is already known by the fans but still, there are new things that roll out every now and then. Recently executive producer of Anthem Mark Darrah at BioWare, using his very active official Twitter account said, there is no need to worry about your teammate in Anthem Co-Op mode.

In a reply to a question, about a teammate getting lost in the free play and the difficult task of finding him back Mark said, relax there is no need to worry about anyone in free play, let them die. After reading this every fan is very excited because this means you are not dependent on anyone. Your game, your progress in Anthem Co-Op, it is yours to keep. It will not be affected in any kind of way, even that friend or partner dies.

The most interesting thing, that is also the unique bit in the game are the Javelin suits. News and new information about them, like there are four types of suits and they have magical abilities of some sort, has been coming out lately creating more and more hype about this interesting aspect of the game.

The climate and the environment of the Anthem are highly interactive. The enormity of the game makes it one of the most well-designed games and somehow magical.

with all that said, Anthem is set to hit the market on February 22, 2019. the game is to release on three platforms Xbox One, PCs and PlayStation 4. Do let us know how you feel about Anthem in the comment section below.

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