In this Gotti 2018 Review, I would try my level best not to spoil the story for you. I believe, never believe in someone’s word until you have not tried it your self. It has never been an easy job, portraying or acting as someone who has actually lived and died in this world. In a recent movie based on the life of John Gotti the notorious mafia boss, John Travolta tried his best, to do justice with Gotti’s story. It was not an easy job.

If you have not seen someone first hand, then it is very difficult to actually, first understand that person and try to act exactly like him. Yes, there were issues with the film and its execution, yes there were many flaws in the direction of the movie, the story, where it was taken from, the source was not the right choice. Who cares? we watch movies to have fun and enjoy the free time we have. If we want to know facts about someone’s life we can research on that in a library the best source. Why compare a movie with an encyclopedia.

We always read at a start of a reality-based movie, that this movie is based on true events but the story has been dramatized. It’s the dramatization that people want. A biopic is a reenactment of actual events, not the original tape of that person.

John Travolta is one of the best actors in the industry. He has entertained people for a very long time. Now things seem to have changed it might be because of the wrong choice of movies or his private life that people have lost interest in him. There people who still love his acting despite his graph going down. This is due to his excellent and flawless acting in the past.

Movies start with Gotti’s speech about life and its two ways of ending and how he experienced both. A different style to a gangster movie. Mostly critics and different sites have given Gotti 2018 Review in a very negative manner, but this movie is not that bad. There are movies which are far worse than this.

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