Recently a spree of in-game pop-up was seen around the world by GTA 5 players, saying that a GTA 6 is to arrive in 2019. This GTA 6 Announcement, came as an utter surprise for everyone and left everybody speculating and anticipating about an early possibility of a new Grand Theft Auto game. Now, Rockstar has officially come forth with a statement, denying any announcement.

Nothing about a new game in production was previously known by anyone, let alone a releasing year. Some of the GTA 5 players posted on there Reddit and other social media accounts, screenshots, and pictures of the announcement.

After some time Rockstar, with the help of a tweet, cleared the air of surprise by stating the announcement, is a hoax and not their official statement. This is the tweet.

This GTA 6 Announcement, by the looks of it, was a hoax. Rockstar always announces their upcoming games with a huge bang, then why so sudden about it? There best game needs a big introduction. There were certain professionals and other people, who also thought that this announcement was completely fake.

As we already know, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the next game, Rockstar is working on.  It is awesome. Much about the game is now known and everyone is waiting for the time when they can lay their hands on one of its copies and go crazy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an upcoming Western-themed action-adventure, open world video game. The release date for the game is on October 26, 2018, only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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