There has always been a war going on for decades, this war has no result. An unending war to find out the best game ever made in the world. The reason I find for this issue is, that every person, every fan has his or her own choices, likings, preferences which can sometimes be alike but can never be the same. So to come up to this difficult decision we will require a platform or most importantly a game, that will quench everyone’s thirst and will finally become the greatest game ever. Sony on the other hand in a very clever way has explained to the world and there fans out there in a tweet, Greatest Games Ranked By Sony.

In this funny type of a tweet, Sony is actually running a kind of an endorsing for there PlayStation exclusive Last of Us and it’s new and upcoming sequel The Last of Us II. No doubt about it, those who have played the first part and have watched the recent trailer of the second part they know how epic this game is and how big of an adventure and emotional roller coaster it has become.

As said earlier, this is a war going on for a multitude of years and will always go on. There are a number of fans who in the reply to this tweet of Greatest Games Ranked By Sony, has identified many other titles who they find to be the best ever. Included in their selection are God of War, Legend of Zelda, Dark Souls, Detroit: Become Human. This war is never-ending.

This is the biggest entertainment industry, there will always be a new game which will come out and break the charts becoming the best game ever made but the question remains, for how long?

With that said, the release date for The Last of Us II is still a mystery but the recently ended E3 has made it sure that will be coming out. Until it rolls out, fans keep on speculating.

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