Mary Magdalene 2018, crushed the audience with its subtle take on the bibliology, from where its take its inspiration. As always Rooney Mara has not ceased to amaze the audience with her versatility, in her performances, and for Joaquin Phoenix, he needs no introduction, his brilliance at method acting is heavenly. Mary Magdalene 2018 film if looked at with a natural lens come’s off as quite sublime in its nature but be warned, that it certainly is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Having said, that although the role of Jesus performed by Joaquin Phoenix itself overweighs on the other characters, especially on Mary Magdalene performed by Rooney Mara, still the film has managed to keep pitch-perfect balance and focus on Mary.

To most this film may also come as a feministic portrayal of that era but then again it certainly is not. It is basically a film that has taken a leap to depict a side of the story that most never do, since whenever we talk about Jesus, we tend to exclude such detail.

Apparently, Garth Davis, the director of the film has been able to show the audience a whole different spectrum, on Jesus and his apostles, keeping women into focus this time.

As you are familiar Mary Madgaline herself has been a controversial figure in the history, and this film only sheds light on her character, but on a lighter note.

Be that as it may, you may find this film as more of an art form, than the widespread faith-based market. While most are calling it as a bit dull in nature, to be honest, it’s only a matter of opinion. Perhaps those who are calling it dull have a limited vision to contemplate such films. It is really something to not miss out on, if you have the stomach, for such kinds.

The music composed in the film has been a true companion throughout, alas, it is Jóhann Jóhannsson’s last contribution to the world, but ironically him leaving us, does seem a bit poetic.

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