PC gaming community all around the world has a special bond with modding as well as the games. The first thing that a PC gamer would do after finishing the game for the first time, is to put some mods in and do it in a new style. Fans all around are busy speculating, will the new Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 support Modding? The launcher that the new Call Of Duty is using, the Blizzard launcher – Battle.net has some barriers to it, and these barriers affect the modding to the game and everyone including Treyarch knows about this. What Treyarch is saying about it is, that they are looking into Black Ops 4 Modding Tools but are not quite ready to talk about it.

In a recent interview, Dan Bunting Treyarch’s Co-Studio head replied to question asked about the effect on the modding community of the use of the Battle.net Launcher said.

“That’s a good question. At this point in time, we’re not quite ready to talk about what the plans are for modding. Of course, people who have been with Treyarch for a long time know that we are big fans of the modding community. Many of our developers, we hire directly from the mod community, because they built a mod that got noticed. With Black Ops 3, we released mod tools for the first time in the franchise for many, many years. We’re big believers and supporters of the mod community, but we’re not quite ready to start talking about that yet.”

To the modding community, this came out as a pretty good news. As Treyarch and Activision realize the importance of modding to the PC gaming community, and that they are not ignoring it or letting it go completely. Only the news about Black Ops 4 Modding Tools are being looked into, has given a new life to a huge number of gamers all around the world.

It is expected that more news about this will flow from the producers and developers of the game whenever they are ready, but fans are as always restless.

With all that said, Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 is set to hit the markets October 12 across three platforms PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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