June 28, 2018, is going to be the day when two of the most played, loved and awaited games on the face of the earth will be officially released on a new platform. After a huge wait and lots of speculations, at last, Limbo And Inside On Nintendo Switch, two well-acclaimed games are being released by the developer Playdead. A treat for the Switch owners.

It was informed to the fans back in September of 2017 that Limbo And Inside On Nintendo Switch will be released soon, but the wait was for long nine months. The wait now seems to be over by the confirmation of the news by Japanese games magazine Famitsu, which has now confirmed, that June 28 is going to be the day of the release for both the games.

Most of the references until now, suggest that these dates are for Japan, while there are a few which seem to suggest that this release date, is for the global reach. For now, we would recommend you to take this lightly, although the release is a go. As soon as, more information regarding the international release dates surface, we will soon follow up on the details and will update here as well. This is the first time the top of the line puzzle-platformer adventure game is being released on Nintendo Switch.

Have you played Limbo and Inside? Do you like the dark textured theme, Playdead has introduced to the gaming world? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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