Naughty Dog on the fifth birthday of there one of the most played and loved game title The Last Of Us, revealed the number of sales that the game has reached. After five years of release, The Last Of Us Sales has reached 17 million. This information was provided on Twitter as a way to celebrate the games birthday.

Since 14, June 2013, two versions of this PlayStation exclusive game has been rolled out one for PlayStation 3, and a remastered version for PlayStation 4 the next year. No Information regarding the sales of these two versions on their respective platforms was provided. This news has further strengthened the game’s stance commercially.

Naughty Dogs other PlayStation exclusive title, Uncharted series has also been a very successful venture for the company, since December 2017 the game has sold 41 million copies which is very good. If the sales of these two biggest titles from Naughty Dog are combined it reaches more than 60 million.

This Information seems like Naughty Dog is just warming up, because on this year’s awesome E3 The Last Of Us II has also been revealed and it is awesomely impressive. Nothing much about the game is known yet, but a gameplay trailer released on E3 is enough to understand the sheer beauty of the game. Forecasting the sales, I believe that when the game officially rolls out it will increase many times The Last Of Us Sales volume.

With all this information out of the basket, Go ahead and check out this awesome, The Last Of Us II gameplay trailer and let us know how you feel about it in the comments section below.

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