Well the EA Play E3 2018 concluded just a few moments back and there have been some really interesting revelations. Although mostly expected, still a lot of new amazing stuff has been revealed, which seems to have captured the internet for now.
The most interesting thing was the sound of Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode, a new subscription service and above all, Anthem.
All of the trailers are really amazing and are at your disposal with the new details. Check them out.

List of announced games at EA Play E3 2018

Battlefield V

EA Play E3 2018 kicked off with the grenade which everyone impatiently wanted to burst, Battlefield V. All what everyone was eagerly waiting and speculating about was at last disclosed. A tremendous gameplay trailer was revealed, along with confirmation about the battle royal mode in this Battlefield installment. New content will be also be added on daily bases as a part of Tides Of War.

Fifa 19

Then came Fifa, the official announcement was made regarding the upcoming new installment in this franchise the Fifa 19. An awesome new trailer was unleashed with the news about the Europe Champions league collaboration. Christiano Ronaldo kicked off the trailer with his voice and also he will be on the cover of the game. Everything about it is through the roof.

Origin Access Premier

Following that the CEO of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson took the stage and bestowed upon something new. Alongside the announcement of working on Cloud gaming, he announced Origin Access Premier.

Origin Access Premier is a subscription service which is an upgrade on the existing one. With Origin Access Premier players will be able to play new EA games like Madden NFL 18, FIFA 19, Battlefield V, Anthem and the future games. This service shall be available sometime later this summer, excitingly a beta version of Origin Access Premier will be available starting this weekend.


Next Stop Indie games. Unravel Two, huge announcements about the game. The trailer with games original footage and gameplay was shown and also news about a brand new co-op sequel was also released. The main thing fans don’t have to wait a long time to play the game, it is out already, yes! you can purchase and play it right now.

Sae Of Solitude

A very unique EA original, indie game, Sea Of Solitude developed by Jo-Mei Studio situated in Berlin. The essence of the game is very bleak but with minimal rays of hope. As a player, you will be navigating in the deep oceans filled with heartache, empathy, loneliness, but with hope. Sea Of Solitude is a third person exploration game that is scheduled to roll out in 2019.

NBA Live/Madden NFL

Both these games NBA Live and Madden NFL, have always been a part of EA’s E3 showcase. This year in EA Play E3 2018 nothing out of the ordinary was released about both the games, but new titles of the games are surely set to release this fall.

Command and Conquer

Something for everyone, those who cant leave their phone aside from a new EA special for the Android and iOS devices are going to be released soon. You can refer to it as Command and Conquer Rivals.


Well, one of the most anticipated titles was Anthem and you would be happy to know that EA has taken deep dive into the game at the conference.
A new engine footage has been shown, following that a Q&A session with Bioware was held. Anthem is scheduled to roll out on 22nd February for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
The team revealed some very interesting details, which include different suits known as Javelin for each playstyle reflecting elements. That said, cosmetic purchases will also be available but there will be no loot boxes. Check out the amazing Anthem trailer below.

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