It would not be wrong to say that God Of War is the best game that has come out this year and is perhaps a form of blessing for the gaming community. This Sony epic is constantly in the news, with all positive reviews and recently the main environmental artist at PlayStation Santa Monica Studio, Nate Stephens in an interview discussed a probable God of War Sequel and what the studio aims to do with it.

In an answer to a question, Nate described many things along with hinting at the possibility of a God of War Sequel. “We still want to be God of War.” Yeah Yeah, we know that! Jokes apart he actually is describing that the developers realize that what they have delivered. The perfect blend of quality and quantity has risen the benchmark. Everything which they have delivered now needs to be better tenfold.

Further, in the answer, he said,

“What I want to say is that the first battle in this game when you’re fighting the “The Stranger” is really an epic fight. It ends by destroying the entire environment in which you fight. It was really hard to create, I myself was working on lighting in this site and it was super hard to process it there. If we have a meeting with Thor or Odin, it must be bigger than this, better than this. This game was very good, but we think we can make it even better, of course, it must be a little bit bigger, 10% cheaper. So if we do another game – no one actually said that we are doing it – it will be bigger, better, longer.”

Well, reading this satisfying answer actually gives plenty of hope to the fans that the second part if it will come out, it would definitely be”bigger, better, longer” will be a much more pleasing and entertaining delight.

What are your thoughts on the next God Of War Sequel.? Let us know in the comments below.

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