To be honest, this one here was a trip. Who doesn’t want to go to Ibiza? the party hub, like duh everyone! Well, this batch of girls from New York seems a little too desperate for a break, from their hectic lives. Starting off Gillian Jacobs is a sight to see, perfectly humorous all the while keeping the sexiness intact, she has done a remarkable job in the film Ibiza 2018.

Portraying as a young American, fed up with her job embarks on a trip with her two best friends to Spain, where they seek out a famous DJ. Things spiral out of control or in easy words they party too hard that thing, spin out of control but they somehow manage to keep things interesting and that is the best thing about this movie.

There is just a fine amount of negativity in the movie other than that it is pretty positive, in fact, optimistic. Perhaps may even reach a fantasy level to some extent but overall it has been a fun experience to watch this movie.

Not sure why most of the reviews regarding the film have been negative, keeping the fact that films are made for entertainment this one does the job just fine. The right amount of drama, a good comedy, that engages the audience for an hour or two, is something that not every movie can provide to its audience.

Of course, we certainly cannot leave, Richard Madden aside, to be honest, he has a lot more potential than he delivered in this film, but then again the demand of the role may have projected his image a little less engaging. Overall Ibiza 2018 is for party lovers and lovers altogether.

“Some people land on the moon, others cure diseases, you smash this DJ” is that humorous dialogue that defines the projection of this film.

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