After a long wait, speculations and rumors about new Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch are true. Game Freak finally revealed two Pokemon installments of the series. New Pokemon Games Announced For Switch are Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee!

The reveal trailer of the game, released on the official Pokemon YouTube channel is very interesting. The story of both games is going to take, players to the first-generation Kanto region to collect the original 151 Pokemon and features of Pokemon Go are also added to it.

Similar to the mobile version of the game, players can use Joy-con and Poké ball Plus’s motion function to throw the Pokeball at different Pokemon. Wait, what is this Poké ball Plus? It is a new controller also being released along with the games. It is a Poke Ball-shaped controller which players can also take with them to the real world, with any of the two pokemon inside. With multiplayer also added, feel of this game is going to be very much different from any other Pokemon game we have seen.

These two games appear to be much inspired by the very famous 2016’s Pokemon Go. As you can also see in the trailer, players will be able to transfer there captured pokemon’s from the mobile game, to these two games in the Switch. Specifications about this are yet to be released, but by the looks of it in the trailer, it seems pretty simple.

These New Pokemon Games Announced For Switch are going to be the first genuine Pokemon games to be launched on Switch. Also under development is a core Pokemon game which is to arrive late 2019 and will feature a new Pokemon as well as, many others from Alola region.

New Pokemon Games Announced For Switch are set to hit the market on November 16, 2018.

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