If you would remember, earlier we informed all the Atari lovers out there that, the new Atari VCS Console Pre-Orders Begins This Month. Now we are glad to inform that it has actually begun. Atari VCS Pre Orders are now officially available on Indiegogo, an international crowdfunding website, and official handler of Atari VCS console sales.

For those who don’t know about it yet, Atari VCS console is an upcoming Retro console from Atari, which will be launching next year. There are two versions of the console, the retro-styled collector’s edition, and simple black Onyx version. The retro-styled collector’s edition with wooden aesthetics is going to cost around $299 with the joystick, and if you will purchase the bundle which consists of a modern controller along with the joystick, will cost around $339 until June 11.

The simple black Onyx version will cost around $199 if you buy it alone, with the joystick added it will be $299. If bought together with both, joystick and controller it will cost around $319. These rates will be applied from now until June 4.

On Wednesday afternoon when the pre-orders officially started, the Indiegogo site went down because of the traffic, but now they have managed to get the site working again.

Nothing is known about the games except for the 100 Atari vault classic games which will be pre-installed in the consoles.  An Atari official said in an interview, that they have been busy forming partnerships with game developers like Monster Games, Eden Games, Code Mystics, Petroglyph Games, React Games and will keep forming until the consoles start to ship. What they will be bringing to the table is yet, unknown.

The consoles are set to start shipping in early 2019. Still, with multiple delays and multiple issues with the release, the company has already earned $1.2 million in a few hours with Atari VCS Pre Orders.

Atari fans are going crazy over it, reason because it gives them a way to travel back in time and visit the good old days of childhood once again.

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