This is what you should expect this summer from GTA V multiplayer, Electronic music and Nightclubs. It has been officialized that New GTA Online Music is coming this summer. Usually GTA Online receives new content almost every week, but this time Rockstars new update might be pretty interesting.

Rockstar Studio has recently officialized the addition of new music in the GTA Online as well as in Singleplayer GTA 5. The Studio confirmed via social media that new techno music from some very famous House music DJs will be added to the games music library.

These DJs include Solomun, Dixon, Tale Of Us and the Black Madonna. These four artists were listed on a flyer posted by the featuring artists on their social media accounts teasing a collaboration with Grand Theft Auto. It is still unknown how the studio is going to incorporate the new music and at what date they plan to release it, except for the time frame of Summer 2018 which is mentioned on the flyer nothing else is known yet. We will surely be enjoying some good music soon.

A rumor has been circulating in the gaming community for a while now, about a big update which will be adding nightclubs in the city of Los Santos. This actually makes sense, this kind of music is played and enjoyed in raves, parties, and clubs.

This news about the nightclubs was first released by Yan2295 an insider on Twitter who in the past has leaked accurate news about Rockstar Games. He stated that these nightclubs will be like other properties in the game which can be bought and run.

Nothing has been confirmed yet, by the Rockstar Studio about the nightclubs so do not get excited just yet. New GTA Online Music, on the other hand, seems like a safe bet because the featured artists are really popular because of there music and on top of that they, have been teasing and promoting it.

With that said, we will keep you posted as soon as anything solid comes up.

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