Every Call of Duty fan in the world who has been playing multiplayer loves, particularly this one, immensely popular map called Nuketown. There might be a chance that this Nuketown Map In Black Ops 4 might be returning. As it has repeatedly, with some variations always been a part of game’s every last installment. Before the tease by David Vonderhaar on his Twitter account, fans were wondering if this favorite and most played multiplayer map will be returning in the upcoming installment or not.

As we all know this Black Ops 4 is not going to have a single player campaign mode but will include a battle royale mode instead. The game in many terms is very different from its elder siblings and because of this reason, everything that comes out about it has a question attached to it.

Adam Hoggatt a senior level designer at Treyarch and also the one who designed Nuketown, on his tenth anniversary working in the company, posted a Tweet of celebratory remarks. On which game’s director David Vonderhaar replied in the form of a tease (as seen below) that hints at a possibility of Nuketown appearing in Balck Ops 4.

Since Nuketown Map In Black Ops 4 is a tease and there has been no official announcement about it yet. All fans like my self, regardless of the fact that this tweet does not seem to carry any other meaning than the Nuketown’s inclusion. They should still keep their fingers crossed for now, until we hear something more regarding it.

Battle Royale mode that is also known as the Blackout mode in the game. Its inclusion and campaign mode’s exclusion has made fans think how it is going to affect the player base and has got fans thinking that will they be able to give any weight to the multiplayer, once the famous battle royale mode is there?

All these questions can only be answered once the game releases.

For the Nintendo Switch fans, Black Ops 4 will not be releasing on the console this time.

Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 will be releasing on PlayStation 4, PC’s, and Xbox One on 12 October 2018.

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