Previously Nintendo filed a trademark in Japan suggesting the company is looking at bringing back the N64 classic Mini console. Though the console seems pretty obvious, and fans expect an announcement soon, Nintendo has not officially revealed anything about the Nintendo 64 Mini yet. All this waiting and expectations has led fans to speculate about possible games line up, these are some titles which are going to be perfect Games For Nintendo 64 Mini.

Games for Nintendo 64 Mini


Pokemon Snap

A great choice for the N64 Mini, Pokemon Snap is an original pokemon game of the first generation and is loved by fans all over the world. The game being old do have some minor issues but overall it is fun to play, with an interesting story.

Diddy Kong Racing

Developed by RARE, and released in 1997 Diddy Kong Racing is a racing video game and is among those Games For Nintendo 64 Mini which have made their mark on the console. It is from the Kart racing Genre, players get to choose between a kart, an airplane, or a hovercraft. There are eight characters to choose from among them Diddy Kong, Banjo, Conker, and Donkey Kong.


Developed by Rare Banjo-Koozie is a series of video games featuring a bear named Banjo and a red female bird named Kazooie. In the story, they are both fighting against the witch Gruntilda and her evil schemes. Released in modern times the game didn’t receive the appreciation it deserved. It is going to serve as an excellent choice for the N64 mini.

Harvest Moon 64

Developed by Victor Interactive Software Harvest Moon 64 was released in Japan in 1999. It is a farm simulation video game which doesn’t quite get much attention these days but rest assured it is a solid entry in the franchise. Unlike most of the N64 games, Harvest Moon 64 is a bit slow in its nature, because as a player you will be trying to restore an abandoned farm, which is a tedious job.
The best part about this game is its art style and of course, the stellar writing makes it all the more captivating. To be honest Harvest Moon is one of the most unrated games on Nintendo 64.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Developed by Rare Conker’s Bad Fur Day rolled out back in 2001 for Nintendo 64. This game is one of the most unique video game, unfortunately not many are familiar with this game. So if you have not given this game a try until now, then you have been missing out on a lot of things.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day is full of violence, alcohol/tobacco use, and many other adult themes. To be honest its one of those game that is a bit controversial due to its nature. Although the brilliant writing, done in the game alongside its solid gameplay and story, make it one of the most lovable game in the N64 era.

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