As we all know artificial intelligence is the new thing and seems like its going to be everywhere in next few years. Gaming giant Ubisoft has developed and launched worldwide, a personal gaming assistant named Ubisoft Chat Bot Sam. Its main purpose is to keep you in touch with games connected to your Ubisoft account and answer all of your gaming queries. 

This is going to serve as a new phase in the future of the gaming industry. Sam can respond to queries through voice commands or text chat messages. As said earlier its main purpose is to answer users everyday gaming queries. You can ask Sam about anything in the Ubisoft games and he will try to answer the question in a proper manner. It can even provide you with Vaas’s definition of insanity from Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft Chat Bot Sam is free and can be accessed through a mobile app. All you need is just a Ubisoft club account and you will log inside. Sam will greet you and send notifications from the game about weekly challenges and stuff like how many games from Ubisoft you have played recently, completed challenges, club level rank, and how many Ubisoft Club points you have earned and can spend on club rewards.

At the moment Sam is only integrated with Rainbow Six Siege but more games will be added soon. Sam still has lots of information in it and can help analyze your gaming style as well as can provide with the feedback to improve. Sam itself is improving every day and is not completely ready yet. There are certain things he can’t tell due to some conformity but will be able to very soon.

Sam can be awakened by the push of a button on the phone and will start interacting and answering your questions, apart from that, he will not be bothering you. Ubisoft Chat Bot Sam is available for download via Ubisoft Club app on Android and iOS.

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