On May 31 Bandai Namco is set to release a free Tekken 7 DLC for its fans as a one-year anniversary present. Tekken series has been quenching thirsts for fighting games around the world, across all platforms for very long and is being loved enormously for almost 20 years now. Tekken 7 is considered as one of the best installment in the series.

The DLC will be available on all platforms for free with lots of exciting stuff as costumes, styling for different characters and something for New Japan Pro Wrestling fans. Bandai Namco particularly says that this expansion is going to be a big one.

Complete Details Of The Material Included Are:

Story Mode Costume Set

  • Blood Vengeance Outfit
  • Final Battle Outfit
  • The Evil Eye
  • Vagabond

Aura Set

  • Arm Aura
  • Leg Aura

Female Hairstyle Set

  • Wave Ponytail
  • Bob Hairstyle

New Japan Pro-Wrestling Set

  • T-shirt (BULLET CLUB x Heihachi)
  • T-shirt (Kazuchika Okada x King)
  • T-shirt (Kenny Omega x Bryan)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi x Lars costume, health gauge, panel, and plate

Kuma and Panda Set

  • Assorted costumes for both characters

Metallic Item Set (Silver)

  • Assorted silver accessory items for characters
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