In a PlayStation event, a conversation took place between SIE Bend’s Studio Director Chris Reese and Screen Rant in which a possible Days Gone Release Date along with more news and information about the game can be heard was discussed. While teasing in the discussion Chris said in a reply to a question regarding the release date of Days Gone “We’ll have more info on that very soon,”. This less information and secrecy about the game is the cause of much excitement amongst the fans.

Upcoming Sony PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone, is a game full of action-adventure, Survival, Horror, zombies, and apocalypse. All this in one game? yes, this is true.

Days Gone is one of the most awaited games of this year. The game has been hit with many delays and was to be launched sometime in 2019 with no certainty or even a clue about the release date, but now it seems like some progress has been made and there is a chance that we get to play it in near future.

As E3 is just around the corner, Sony’s briefing at the event seems to be the right time for the reveal of any news about Days Gone Release Date, its progress and what to expect.

Regardless of the fact that not much information has been revealed regarding the game but we can surely expect a few details to roll out soon enough.

With all that said, you would be happy to know that, for the developers, this game is not some ordinary game in fact, the developers have specifically added that they have been trying to work hard on making this game as unique as possible. So that fans just don’t go around considering it “Just Another Zombie Game”.

With that said let’s hope, we get to play it soon because by looking at the pictures and sneak peaks of the game it surely seems awesome. What are your thoughts about the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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