Creativity has no bounds and in the gaming world, it is through the roof. In January 2018 Nintendo introduced the world to a new piece of creativity, a mashup between the famous Switch and cardboard, known as Nintendo Labo. Labo are individual construction kits, with design and engineering made to add fun to the whole experience. These pieces of cardboards are joined together to make Switch interacting toys called Toy-Cons. What is interesting is that the all famous Ramin Djawadi played all favorite Game Of Thrones Sound Track on Nintendo Labo.

Recently these versatile toys are gaining much popularity. The extent of the popularity can be seen in this way that one of the most famous, iconic and well-acclaimed music producers of this time Ramin Djawadi, known for his masterpiece work in multiple projects and very famously in Westworld and the extremely-loved Television series Game Of Thrones, performed his famous Game Of Thrones opening theme on the Nintendo Labo Piano.

In a video courtesy of IGN, Ramin Djawadi who have never interacted with a Switch or a Labo Toy-con, sat in front of a little Labo Keyboard and without any issue he instantly starts implementing his music production skills and produced a very interesting and much similar version of the tune. It was just awesome. You can check out the video below.


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