Jim Carrey has made an unorthodox entry back in the Film industry. The last of him, we saw was back in 2014. To be honest he has done a remarkable job elevating the level of drama, all the while keeping the thrill alive in Dark Crimes (2016). Dark Crimes, on the other hand, is one hell of a trip. If spoken freely it is pretty blunt and all around brutal in its progression.

You know what most of us could not foresee, was the ending. The film immerses the audience in the mysterious corruption murder crime story that they seem to not catch the drift on how it might end.

Having said that, its depiction of actual real-life Dark Crimes is pretty blunt and true to the reality.  There are a few limited in their spectrum of thought that they do not see the beauty in it. What everyone needs to understand is that the story had to be shown in this manner, there just could not have been any other way.

In other simple words, it a depressive mind boggler and some of the critics find this movie to be politically incorrect in its take on women especially, while others find themselves in a box.

Although, we find it justifiable enough to make its way as a fine crime, drama, thriller. A fictional plot that finds a bearded and brooding Jim Carrey as a Polish policeman, Tadek, trying to investigate the death of a man whose bound corpse was discovered in a body of water.

The film takes a really melancholy progression but from time to time it does keep throwing in little chunks of hope and that is what makes it amazing.

So if you have the stomach for a little disgusting, a little sadistic yet amazingly true to the bone crime film, then this here is your ticket to entertainment.

Dark Crimes (2016) 5/5 (100%) 1 vote
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