E3 is near, and by God, every major game maker is busy in teasing fans before there big reveals at the event. Such has been done by the famous Hideo Kojima former director of Metal Gear Solid series. Sony Interactive entertainment has already announced in a blogcast there timing for the E3 briefing and what to expect. Also during the event, trailers for many upcoming games will be revealed. Included in these will be a trailer for the PlayStation 4’s the most highly anticipated exclusive until now Death Stranding.

Fans have been teased multiple times and are waiting for this debut game of Kojima Productions for very long now, and Hideo Kojima once again decided to tease fans more before the upcoming trailer at E3.

On his official Twitter account, Kojima tweeted a set of images. In the first image we see an icon on the desktop of a Window’s PC and if looked closely we come to know the file name of the icon says “E3_2018_trailer_edit_002_20180518.prproj”, this surely is the trailer he is working on for E3. The second image is of the monster of monsters the Godzilla, staring outside a window.

Death Stranding officially kicked off two years back in 2016’s E3, since then nothing much about it has been known. Though there is a big star cast attached to it yet nothing about the gameplay and the story has been revealed. Whatever that has been shown and revealed up till now in the shape of cinematic trailers and teasers have taken the expectations, up a notch. We don’t have a clue about what will be in the upcoming E3 trailer but the excitement is through the roof.

No release date of the game has yet been declared but Kojima in 2016’s Tokyo Game Show announced that Death Stranding will be out before 2019. Also, Kojima in an interview said that Sony Interactive Entertainment is happy with the game’s production and development speed, hopefully, things will turn out as expected.

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