Not more than a month left in the release of the most waited and anticipated New Jurassic World movie, the sequel, Fallen Kingdom. A final trailer for the movie is now out and by God, it looks awesome. The dinos along with there human co-actors are no more confined to the boundaries of the infamous Jurassic World island the “Isla Nublar”. They have moved out to a nearby town and the situation has changed.

The story of the movie follows the two main characters actor, Chriss Pratt, and Actress Bryce Dallas Howard. As they are returning back to the island for a rescue mission to save the furious and the famous “Blue” the last of the trained raptors from a volcanic eruption and bring it to safety.

It does not take much time for them to realize, that in helping the dinosaurs they are also helping an evil organization to kidnap them and turn them into some sophisticated weapon system that can also once again help the dinos rule the earth.

In this sequel of the New Jurassic World, there are going to be more dinosaurs than any of the Jurassic movies combined. This was told by the producer Pat Crowley in the new movies featurette. J. A. Bayona has directed the movies with Steven Spielberg as the executive producer.

The movie is set to hit the theaters on 22 June 2018. In the meanwhile check out this final trailer and let us know your thoughts and how do you feel about the movie.

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