Bethesda has been busy indicating release of Rage 2 Announcement Trailer in a few hours today. In the meanwhile, a short cinematic version of the trailer got leaked by someone on Youtube. The leaked trailer is not complete but just a part of what is going to come in the official released trailer.

Still, it gives a view of what to expect. Offcource details will come out in the complete trailer today, but the leak has done its job. In the video, no gameplay can be seen as it is a cinematic trailer, neither any platform has been mentioned and also there is no release date or developers name anywhere in the leaked video.

So these are some of the things expected in the complete Rage 2 Announcement Trailer, but there is a chance they can be skipped this time.

As because of the copyright issue Bethesda had this leaked video removed, some images of the video have been made but these might also get nuked. A user on Twitter has made a clip of the video which is mentioned below, check it out.

News about the Rage 2 has been circulating on the internet for a few days now, but the news about the release of Rage 2 Announcement Trailer came out yesterday evening.

The expected full trailer will be released today in a few hours. We will be updating you on it as soon as it is out, in the meanwhile check this out and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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