As we have Informed earlier about the release of Destiny 2 Warmind update. Certain Bugs have been found in the Update. Bungie has acknowledged and is carrying out an investigation to find out reasons for the Destiny 2 Warmind Bug.

The Bug is causing two kinds of issues first one is, it prevents the game from tracking Heroic Strike progress. Second It also causes issues with the Glory Exotic Quest. After ending the Warmind campaign, a quest is given which has multi-steps and leads to an Exotic weapon. Among these steps, one step requires the player to complete five Heroic Strikes. This is where the Bug comes in and is causing players to stuck at this point.

In a Tweet, Bungie explains that they have taken notice of the situation and are Investigating the cause.

While Bungie works on the solution meanwhile they have added some solutions to fix the problems. They explained the issue to some extent as well, saying that while selecting Heroic Strikes the player somehow is put back into a regular strike by the game. These given solutions can be of help to the players to put them back in action.

  • Assemble any non-matchmade Fireteam members before selecting the Heroic Strikes Playlist in the Director.
  • Ensure that no one is joining the Fireteam after the Heroic Strike Playlist has been selected, and make sure that no Fireteam members are in their menu before this activity is launched.
  • If players see a named strike (ex: “The Arms Dealer”) when selecting the Heroic Strikes Playlist in the Director before launching, they must back out of the Director and select the Heroic Strikes playlist again. Players will know that they are successfully queuing this playlist when “Heroic Strikes Playlist” appears on-screen.
  • Once the Heroic Strike Playlist has been successfully launched and players are heading toward their destination, players may safely navigate to their menu to swap gear, adjust settings, or review their inventory.

Done correctly as suggested these Destiny 2 Warmind Bug solutions will help players to get on with there quest. Other then this there are some more bugs that Bungie is aware off and is working on them. Complete and permanent solutions to these problems are in works and will be provided with a full list of these bugs and issues.

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