Wallmart Canada has been under highlight today for being a source of a major leak. Ahead of E3, several games including Gears of War 5, Just Cause 4, Borderlands 3, a new Splinter Cell, and RAGE 2 have become part of this Walmart list.

As we all know these announcements at E3 would have been quite a firework.  E3 for 20 years has become worlds largest event for such news. It’s going to take place next month from 12th June till 14th. All the gaming giants will be there holding press conferences and showing off their new stuff. Though none of the games have been confirmed, this news leak before E3 is quite a head turner.

There are some games included in the Walmart List that are causing confusion. Like Dragon Quest 2 and Forza Horizon 5. Don’t know if its possible or not, last game of the series was Forza Horizon 3 how can a fifth one come out before a fourth installment?

Included are games that have not had any successors since long such as Borderlands 3 and Just Cause 4. As E3 is just around the corner things would come out clear very soon. It’s unknown if any of the leaks or rumors become true or not only time will tell.  In the meanwhile don’t keep your hopes very high until the reality is in front of you.

We will be keeping you informed about any new information that rolls out.


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