In a previous article, we informed all readers and Nintendo users out there about the Arrival of Nintendo Switch Online Cloud Saves, a sigh of relief for some. It’s seriously disturbing to actually think that why Nintendo Switch Offline Backup is on the wish list for most of the fans. Considering it is one of the most successful consoles out there. With the recent sales reaching a hefty number of 17.79 million units as of March 31st.

This lack of Offline Backup, actually means that in case user misplaces or breaks his console, his many hours of gameplay, or game saves are completely lost. The only way is to save the data on the online cloud and for that, you have to pay a fee.

Its understood that the online cloud saves can be done, by paying a subscription. What actually worries is that its the only way to backup saves. Almost every gaming console, new or old, even Nintendo’s own other consoles, other than Switch have this function, to backup game saves offline. Apparently, Switch does not. Is it that they are actually unable to find out a way for the Switch, to do what others and they themselves have been doing? Can you believe this? Me neither.

Like us, many other people also do not believe this. A Switch owner “Redhead On Moped”, has taken onto him/herself to actually start a campaign, to highlight this issue in front of Nintendo and has started a hashtag in a hope to stir up enough motion for Nintendo to rethink about all this, and find out a way for those users who cant buy a place in a cloud.

If we look at the gaming console world, we will see that almost all the consoles like PlayStation’s, Xbox’s, PC’s, Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast all have an option for its users to stop worrying about the loss of game saves and keep on enjoying.

It is now high time for the company to take Nintendo Switch Offline Backup seriously, and find a way out for its users, who love it very much.

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