As you may already know that California based Blind Squirrel Games is the studio responsible for HD remasters of BioShock and Borderlands. Recently this BioShock Studio has laid off more than a dozen of their employees.

Altogether 13 employees have been laid off which the studio says are less than 10% of their total workforce. The reason behind such layoffs is the “unexpected cancellation of an unannounced project”. 

The company also said that they are working on a couple of new projects, all the while depicting sadness to the layoff situation. Furthermore, they also added that, they are working with their companions to find out new homes for the ex-employees. The studio is very grateful for any help from others, in this industry, in this regard.

News about layoffs was initially reported on Twitter by a former community manager Josh Mikkelsen, saying “massive layoffs… due to money”. He is also responsible for putting up a hashtag #BlindSquirrelJobs so that his fellow ex-employees can get some help finding new jobs.

Having said that, this situation comes off as a shocker to the gaming community, for now, all we can do is wait and see what the studio has in mind for their future projects.

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