It’s here, Destiny 2 Warmind Update is officially available for play. This is the second expansion, it is a new chapter in the world of Destiny 2. The expansion features all new endgame content that is Escalation Protocol, new and improved Themed weapons, a new destination, story missions and adventures, a new villain and also a new hero Ana Bray. The previous expansion Curse of Osiris was not much of a hit but this Warmind update is going to revive the original Destiny feel.The Servers were down for maintenance before this update rolled out.

In the story of the game, the player is taken back to Mars on to the frozen ice caps where they will find Ana Bray. There she is on a mission to find out the wicked reason why Rasputin and the army of hives are melting the ice caps. All this is happening on a new patrol area. Players are given a chance to go back to Mars, not on the dried up red sandy planet but new Polar ice capped and frozen area to explore and fight enemies.

There are a lot of new stuff in shape of exotics, armors, and weapons hidden all around to collect. Old armor pieces and weapons are also back, but much improved and powerful. There are secrets to chase, quests to go on, many new collectibles, believe me, these are going to be fruitful.

Two new strikes are also added named Strange Terrain and Will of Thousands and an exclusive third one for PS4 named Insight Terminus.

There is an all-new endgame activity named escalation protocol mode. In this public event mode, different types of players join forces and fight against waves of hives and bosses and collect special awards.

There is also an all-new Raid lair, Spire Of Stars. This will be available to play from May 11. It is going to be a bit smaller version with a new area and a boss at the end.

With all this said go ahead and check out this all-new Destiny 2 Warmind Update and do let us know your thoughts about the game in the comment section below.

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