Capcom has declared its financial results for the year 2017. In which they have revealed that Monster Hunter World has reached all-time high sales of 7.9 million units in the world, and also in Capcom’s own history.

Capcom has been highlighting this success and has held Monster Hunter World individually responsible for all the financial profitability and its worldwide recognition. Few details are yet to be disclosed and confirmed but there is a huge demand for it globally.

Included in the press release were other financial details about other games and stuff, they also explained that there is an immense increase in the growth of home gaming console market in the whole world especially in Europe, USA, China and South Korea, due to which there has been an increase in the demand for there games. Many Capcom games have performed excellently but most credit goes to there flagship game Monster Hunter World. This has played a vital role in energizing Capcom’s global operations.

Capcom is very positive on making an entry in the esports market in Japan and is planning multiple things. Also, they are planning to enhance their management structure, the development team, and environment to further boost their success.

There was financial news regarding other famous Capcom games like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which since its launch has sold 5.1 million units. Monster Hunter X (cross) sold 4.3 million units and Street fighter 2 has sold 6.3 million units.

As Monster Hunter World is pretty much a new game and there is a lot of stuff still to come out, in the form of updates, events and a PC version. Capcom has plenty of room to make more profitability from the game.

Monster Hunter World is available currently to play on PS4 and Xbox One. If you have not played it yet do check it out.

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