Japanese gaming giant on Monday announced details regarding its subscription-based Online gaming service, Nintendo Switch Online. This service will also be bringing online cloud saving for its users.

More details regarding this are yet to be announced but according to the provided information, this means game data will be saved on the cloud for safe keeping in case your Switch gets lost, broken or you buy a new one.

This has been long awaited by the Nintendo Switch users. The online play had been free for users since Switch launched back in 2017. Nintendo had already informed its Switch users that this will be changing, and now it is.

Different pricing plan’s have been provided for the Nintendo Switch Online. These plans have been divided into four options, $3.99 for a month, $7.99 for three months, $19.99 yearly and another yearly family package for $34.99 for eight Nintendo accounts on different systems.

Included in the package will be a collection of NES games. These games will be totally free for the users and new games will also be added on regular basis. Ten games have been announced Including The Legend Of Zelda, Soccer, Tennis, Balloon Fight, Super Mario Bros, and others. At the launch, ten more games will also be available.

The firm also said while announcing that according to the features of the game users can go for online competitive and co-op multiplayer modes. Players can watch other users play and can also join in the fun. All these games will also give the users ability to get into voice chats and online multiplayer support. These NES games can also be played offline.

After the implementation of the Nintendo Switch Online, the option to play online games for free will be lost but the firm says that there are going to add some features that will not require a subscription.

Complete details are yet to be provided. Nintendo Switch Online officially goes live in September 2018, special offers will be given to the members.

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