Vikings were violent, Mongols were violent, the entire human history is filled with violence and if it were up to Trump he would outrightly put the blame on Violent Video Games. It may seem pretty convenient but honestly, it isn’t.

The only problem is that at that in the previous times there were no video games. There can be no argument that even in those times people were not violent, on an individual level. Apparently, it has more to do with human nature rather than things, accessories or various aspects that surround us.

We certainly did not have Wolfenstein 2 or Call of Duty inducing violence into the minds of people back then but now we do.

So the current question is that do Violent Video Games make us violent? Donald Trump has been claiming for a long time that exposure to such Violent Video Games begets violent tendencies in real life. As if humans were peace-loving and perhaps lived in a Utopia of some sort, before the inception of video games.

Trump and most of the politicians are pretty much delusional. Basically, all this debate came into existence quite some time back, but the recent shooting in Parkland Florida, really struck the nerves.

Among the most heartbreaking incidents that have taken place was this one. The whole country was shaken on various levels.

So the concern arose, the authorities came into questioning and to avoid those questions, someone or something was to be blamed. While those who commit such violent acts are themselves a victim of the society, so that left them out of the equation.

So who was to be blamed, and suddenly Trump and the like-minded had an epiphany, Violent Video Games. This was their way out and this certainly was not the first time Trump had something to say about games.

Back in 2012, in a Tweet, he said: “Video game violence and glorification must be stopped — it is creating monsters!”.

So, following the recent Parkland shooting something was to be done and, something was. President Trump held a meeting with the video game executives in the White House. Republican members of Congress and activists who have campaigned against violence also participated.

Catching the drift? Where this is headed? Exactly, the White House did not include social scientists who have studied the effects of video games, because it would just make sense to the world.

Something to add here is that the fact that there is not one, not two but decades of research which suggests that there is no significant relationship between Violent Video Games and violent behavior in real life.

We could also argue the fact that, video games are played all over the world, yet if one or two countries suffer through a similar tragedy, it is not a justifiable argument, in fact, it undoubtedly points out towards the real truth that the state is failing its people.

The real influencers are hundred different factors, like how we are brought up, our surroundings, our atmosphere, our environment, this influencing derive of this modern sense of competition leading us to make decisions that cannot be pointed out to one specific category. If anything else, it is the authorities and especially the law, the gun laws that probably have more to add to the violence compared to video games.

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