Some spoilers ahead. As we all are aware Black Panther has shattered records in the theaters, this month Black Panther is set to be released for home viewers pleasure on digital stores and on Blu-ray/DVD. Included in the package are going to be some deleted scenes of which one of the Black Panther Deleted Scene has surfaced.

In the Black Panther Deleted Scene, we see a fight going on between the married couple Okoye and M’Kabi, (Danai Gurira) and (Daniel Kaluuya), about Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) taking control of Wakanda and T’Challa’s (Chadwick Boseman) presumed death. Though Director Ryan Coogler liked the scene very much but found it to be out of binding for the movie.

According to Collider, there are going to be other bonus stuff in the home video package with the deleted scenes. Included will be mini-documentaries about the technology of Wakanda, the warrior women of Wakanda, and the world of Wakanda. There will be fake tourism adds for Wakanda, a gag reel, also a sneak peek at Ant-Man an the Wasp, Director’s commentary and other things.

Black Panther will be out in digital stores on May 8, and on May 15 In Blu-ray and DVD.

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