Officially Robinson’s are this years family with most Alien troubles. Talking about Lost In Space a very interesting Sci-Fi series that launched in April by Netflix.

The series is a modern remake of the 60’s show with the same name. It gives a view of a family going to another planet to become a part of a new settlement for a better start.

Excellent timing of the show as we all know research and efforts are being made for the space travel and colonization of the humans on other Earth-like planets in the future. The show gives a sneak peek into an adventurous journey.

It is set in a not so distant future just 30 years from now. Earth is in a bad shape, there are issues which have led the Robinson’s to leave the planet and embark on a journey.

Lost In Space gives the viewers a very nice perspective about going away from the comforts of the earth into unknown territories with its own problems.

Maureen Robinson an excellent scientist who is a witty mother of three. The role played by actress Molly Parker defines her skill and talent.

The role of son Will Robinson, played by Maxwell Jenkins and two daughters Judy and Penny have been played by Taylor Russell and Mina Sundwall.

Who are very smart children on the journey with there ex-marine father “John”. Fate is a mystery unknown to us all and this family has a tough blow with fate and finds itself crash-landed on an unknown planet.

Immediately after problems begin to surround them, they start using their scientific minds to find solutions in order to survive against all odds.

Later on, they find other’s and these efforts become group efforts for the escape.

The viewer is directly dropped in the middle of the action with the characters. Meanwhile every now and then, there are flashbacks explaining about stuff.

Excellent CGI effects and the locations used are wonderful. The story has been nicely played out with less to zero loopholes.

Overall it is an interesting piece of work with a nice blend of Sci-Fi, Adventure, Humour, and Drama. A bite for everyone.

There is so much to talk about but that would spoil the show for everyone. It’s on the Netflix and as per there policy, all ten episodes are out. Do check it out and let us know in the comments section below.

Lost In Space 2018 Netflix Review 4.5/5 (90%) 2 votes
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