Pre-sales for the awaited Atari VCS Console starts may 30. Though information about the console has been esoteric until now, at last, today it was announced that Indiegogo will be handling the products pre-sales.

The shipment process will be starting from next year, two versions will be up for sale the Black Onyx and a collectors edition with a wooden front panel.

The starting price for the black Onyx is going to be $200, but the collector’s editions price is yet to be disclosed.

There shall also be bonus offers during the pre-sale period, for those customers who will be signing up from the official site by May 24 for the e-mail alerts.

The Atari VCS Console will be carrying 100 classic Atari games, a joystick and also a controller. This gaming console’s features will be based on its past predecessor, but it’s going to be a classy machine for the Atari lovers.

Atari says the console is targeted for the mass market and younger crowds and will carry features of modern functionality.

There are going to be some newly designed games ported to the device as well and also it will be playing modern games and streaming content. Furthermore, it is going to be a Linux based machine with an AMD Bristol Ridge A10 APU.

Keeping all that into view, what are your expectations with this Atari console? Let us know in the comments below.

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